Indianapolis 2015...II

I recently took a day trip to Indianapolis, Indiana. The trip was to mainly tour Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts football team, but to also take in a few other sites. After I got to Lucas Oil Stadium and received my credentials for the tour, I met my tour guide Maxine. Maxine is a real cool lady from Baltimore, which is where the Colts originally started out as the Baltimore Colts. She worked within the Colts organization before moving to Indianapolis a year after the team moved there...completely unannounced and in the early hours of March 29, 1984. Maxine was the perfect guide as she took me all over the stadium. I'm sure it's the same tour as the paid one, but this one was special because it was just me and Maxine. I checked out different levels of the field before heading up to the press box for that "birds eye" view, which was really cool! We paused at various stops in between where I learned about other operations of the stadium. We then head to the Quarterback Suite where various events are held on game day. I then visited the team locker room, training room, interview room and head coach's office. Next, heading through the player's tunnel, I end up on the playing field. I walked to mid-field and stopped at the 50 yard line and team logo and took everything in around me. After spending a considerable amount of time on the field, it was time to end my tour. I must say, I have visited many football stadiums and would proudly place Lucas Oil on my top ten list.

After the Lucas Oil Stadium visit, I head over to the Canal Walk where I photographed Cecilia Lueza's "Return To Innocence" mural, and also caught some ducks wading in the water. I also stopped by the Project 911 Memorial, which was across the street from the Indiana Historical Society. The memorial was one of the best I have seen outside of New York City, and deserves your attention when you visit Indianapolis. Another mural I photographed before, but had to see again was Pamela Bliss' "Jazz Masters of Indiana Avenue" mural. This is another awesome mural you should check out in Indy. I was later told that the mural was done "free-handed". My final stop was to check out the Christmas decorations in Monument Square. The Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Monument was decorated with green garland and colored lights. I noticed a small crowd of people over at Christ Church Cathedral to check out the outdoor Nativity scene. I take a few photos before heading back to the car where I bid farewell to Indianapolis. See you in the Spring!