Chicago 2017...I

I recently went shooting around downtown Chicago, which is something I hadn't done in quite a while. But before heading downtown, I stopped in Jackson Park to photograph Yoko Ono's "Sky Landing" sculpture, which was conceived as a call for peace and respect among nations, and sits outside The Garden of the Phoenix...or what Chicagoans call..."The Japanese Garden". There were quite a few people there to see and photograph the statue as well. Since I was there, I decided to go inside the Garden of the Phoenix, which had been closed for quite some time for a complete renovation. My first stop downtown was in Grant Park at Roosevelt Road. I first photographed Magdalena Abakanowicz' headless and armless "Agora" statues, which have been in Grant Park for like forever! Those statues still seem to amaze me every time I see them...and they're great to photograph as well! I walked a few feet East to the new Grant Skate Park. The skate park had been here for a couple years, but I never had the chance to check it out. There were a couple of guys biking on the course and a few roller bladers working out. I then decided to take a few skyline shots since the clouds were very puffy and I finally had blue skies. Next up was this huge sculpture by Tashi Norbu called "Urban Buddha: Be The Flower, Not The Bee". This was my first time seeing this sculpture, and it was a h-u-g-e piece of art. And it sits in the perfect the Southeast corner of the park like it's an overseer. I then head towards the Lakefront walking through the Museum Campus. I pause to catch a few more skyline shots, because at this time the clouds have gotten more puffier which makes for great images. Next stop was the John G. Shedd Aquarium. There must have been something really exciting going on because there was a loooooong line of people waiting to get inside. Also sitting outside the aquarium was Stephan Balkenhol's "Man With Fish" sculpture. Walking further towards The Planetarium, I stop and marvel at our great skyline. I take a few photos at one of my favorite spots to shoot from. My last stop of the day was photographing Denise Milan and Ary Perez' granite and marble block installation called "America's Courtyard".