Milwaukee Zoo 2018...I

The Milwaukee County Zoo is probably one of my top 5 zoos to visit during my travels. As a photographer, the animals are easy to see and photograph. Each time I visit, I see animals I hadn't seen the last time. Cheetahs are my favorite animals in the world because they are so sleek and so cool. And also because they are the fastest land animal in the world! But they were sooooo far back, I barely saw them. Low-and-behold I spotted one of them sticking its head up from under the grass. It still made my day, although I didn't see them close up.

The animals I saw in order are: Humboldt Penguins, Mandrill, Orangutan, Caribou, Grizzly Bears, American Elk, Prairie Dog (which actually looks like a squirrel), Domestic Bactrian Camels, Amur Tigers, South American Tortoise, Damara Zebra, Male Peacock Peafowl, Bongo, Cheetahs, Hippopotamus and African Elephant.