Sculpture Milwaukee 2018

A recent "day trip" to Milwaukee, Wisconsin brought me to photograph 21 new sculptures during the "2nd Annual Sculpture Milwaukee" urban outdoor sculpture garden spread out blocks along Wisconsin Avenue. I had fun photographing the sculptures, because it was like I was on a "sculpture hunt" trying to find them at their specific locations. My favorite one is probably Robert Indiana's "Love" sculpture...mainly because I photographed his "Amor" sculpture in Philadelphia.

The sculptures listed in order are: "Love" by Robert Indiana, "Seer (Alice II)" by Kiki Smith, "Half Big Suit" by Erwin Wurm, "The Group Of Five" by Magdalena Abakanowicz, "Reason To Be" by Jessica Jackson Hutchins, "Big Time" by Richard Deacon, "Untitled (Burgher with extended arm)" by Liz Glenn, "Blue Bra Girls" by Ghada Amer, "BAM (Seated Warrior)" by Sanford Biggers, "Mood" by Tony Tasset, "Nostalgia" by Yoan Capote, "Skew" by Shana McCaw and Brent Budsberg, "Liberty" by Hank Willis Thomas, "Hazmat Love" by Tom Friedman, "Tower (Gubbio)" by Sol LeWitt, "97.5 degree Arc X 9" by Bernard Venet, "Bud" by Gary Hume, "Zach's Tower" by John Henry, "Marker #2" by Mel Kendrick and "Stealing Shadows" by Ana Prvacki.