Chicago 2018 I

I very rarely get to shoot around Chicago since I'm out of town a lot. But since I saw the nice blue sky and puffy clouds, I decided to bring the camera out for a spin. There were a lot of people out over by the Museum Campus area as well as Buckingham Fountain. I walked a few blocks over to photograph one of my favorite buildings, The Aqua, designed by architect Jeanne Gang. I hadn't photographed the new Apple Store yet, so I made my way over there to snap a few photos. The Crown Fountain was packed with kids and their parents, which made for great photos. I also photographed Richard Hunt's "The Eternal Flame Of Hope" sculpture, which symbolizes the Special Olympics' theme of inclusion and unity as well as hope. It stands outside Soldier Field.

After a brief lunch break, I made my way over to Navy Pier to walk around and do some light shooting. On the way back South, I stopped in Hyde Park to photograph former President Barack Obama's house. That was pretty cool because while he was President, that block was definitely off couldn't even walk on the sidewalk! Now, you'll see people walking up the block to get their photo opps of the house. I then made a quick drive to Gary, Indiana to get updated photos of The Jackson's childhood home. I learned that they also bought the house next door, which will probably be made into a Motown-type museum. That would be huge for Jackson fans.