Milwaukee Zoo 2018...II

I’ve always stated that the Milwaukee County Zoo is probably one of my top 5 zoos to visit during my travels. The animals are easy to see, and that’s great news for a photographer! Each time I visit, I try to photograph animals I hadn't photographed before, either because they’re not out or their exhibit is under construction. Cheetahs are my favorite animals in the world, but weren’t out this day, so I was a bit disappointed. But that didn’t stop me from having a great day at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

The animals I photographed in order are: Hippopotamus, who stayed under that water for sooooo long that I got tired of waiting for it to come up; African Elephant, who was feeding for most of the time I was there; adult and baby Reticulated Giraffe, who were also feeding; White Rhinoceros, who was posing for photos as well as feeding; Amur Tiger, who was staring at me like I was gonna be dinner for the day and a Polar Bear, who definitely made use of his watering hole on this very hot day.