Chicago 2018...II

Night photography is probably my biggest joy of photography. There’s nothing like getting out there at dusk, leading into the night and even late night on some shoots to get your night photography on. It wasn’t easy at first, because of certain settings you have to have starting out. As you move from location to location, those settings have to change as well. The way I got better was going out at night and shooting as much as I could. The more you do it, the better you get! And that comes into play when you want to hit various locations, which I do. So now, I have standard settings that I start with and just go from there. With that, I’m able to have a complete night of shooting with no problems.

These images are from a shoot on one of the last warm nights of Summer. I wasn’t out long, because I knew where I wanted to go and what I wanted to capture. And knowing that saves time from being out all night wasting time not knowing what you’re doing. I first got to the lakefront at a time which is known to photographers as the “blue hour”. The sun has gone down, but it’s not yet “night”. I shoot from various locations along the Riverwalk outside the Adler Planetarium. Then I move along the circular rock wall to get the skyline at various angles. I also shoot from the Planetarium walkway to get the sundial in the forefront, and the skyline in the back. From there I moved over to Soldier Field where the columns were lit in white making for great photos. I ended photographing the Special Olympics “Eternal Flame Of Hope” Monument, which was erected to help celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Special Olympics being held at Soldier Field in Chicago.