October 25, 2012

Ask any photographer which one person they would love to photograph. Most of them will answer President Barack Obama! While this is my 8th time covering the President, this was my first time covering his arrival. It was really exciting to see the "behind the scenes" goings on prior to the landing of Air Force One. Things that the secret service does, the on-ground air personnel, the white house staff person who was assigned to us and the landing of Marine One and the U.S. Marine planes. The media first met at the "Gravel Parking Lot" near Post One. Television trucks and videographers were led to the airfield first, and photographers were picked up about 10 minutes later. After having our equipment checked and body scanned, we were then shuttled to the riser on the airfield. Though exciting as it was, no power, internet or food was available, so we all had to plan accordingly. Wait time was a mere 2 hours, but we were later told that the President's arrival time was "bumped up", and to be prepared. There was utter silence on the airfield, then all of a sudden the Marine One and U.S. Marine engines fired up...secret service took their posts on the field...Mayor Rahm Emanuel positioned himself next to our White House escort...our cameras were raised. Through the gray skies at O'Hare airport comes Air Force One! What a sight to see! Words can't describe the feeling I had seeing the President land...you just had to be there. But one thing's for sure...Damn, I love what I do!