Denver 2018...I

My final trip of 2018 was to Denver, Colorado. I haven't been to Denver since I was about 18 years old, so I knew there would be lots of changes to the "Mile High City" and plenty of things to photograph. After checking into the newly opened Jacquard Hotel downtown, I put my bags down, turned up the heat and got ready to head out into the city to explore. From my window I could see the snow-capped mountains in the distance. It was a cool, brisk evening as it snowed the day before. I was told that the snow in Denver doesn’t last long, which was great for me! Before leaving the hotel, I went up to the rooftop bar and pool area and got some great photos looking into downtown with the mountains behind the buildings. What a view!

My first stop was to Fort Logan National Cemetery, which brought me there for personal reasons I won’t go into. But while there, I photographed the military headstones because I always liked the way they are positioned…making for great photos. After spending a little time at Fort Logan, I head back to the hotel to change clothes, get a bite to eat and prepare for night shooting. Being from Chicago, the Denver cold was pretty mild in comparison. After finding a parking spot, I walked over to the Colorado State Capitol and started shooting. From there, I walked across the street to Civic Center Park and photographed the Denver City and County Building, also known as City Hall. As I got closer to City Hall, I noticed Christmas decorations up top and at ground level. It was actually kind of crowded in the park, as people were walking about as well as lots of homeless people in their “zones”. Next, I stopped at the McNichols Civic Center Building to photograph it. Next to McNichols was a huge bike sculpture titled, “Elevated…The Art Of Cycling”, a tribute to Colorado’s cycling community. From there I walked further into the park to photograph Ai Weiwei’s “Circle Of Animals/Zodiac Heads” sculptures at the Voorhies Memorial. There were also sweeping views of other downtown buildings behind it. Across from the Memorial, I photograph the Greek Theater.

As shooting is coming to a close, I go back to the car to head to another location, which is the Denver Art Museum. The architecture of this building is a photographer’s canvas for sure. There are so many different angles to shoot this building and get great results! In front of the museum are two great sculptures…“The Denver Monoliths” by Beverly Pepper and “Big Sweep” by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen.