Wicker Park 2019...2

Another nice day found me back in Wicker Park photographing more murals. Just walking up Milwaukee Avenue, you can spot tons of murals…even along some of the side streets. Some of my favorites today were from POSE (Wataahwall), Don't Fret (Hog Butcher To The World), Rich Alapack (We All Live Here), Sam Kirk (USA soccer players), Sentrock (Red Bird) and Kayla Mahaffey (Happy Baby). Towards the end of my outing, I ventured into the North Branch area where I found outstanding murals by Hebru Brantley (Flyboy), ROA (Huge Bird), Max Sansing (Lady Driver), Rawooh (Faces), Matthew Hoffman (You Are Beautiful), Shawn “Shawnimals” Smith (Family Of Different Shapes and Colors) and Keith "Afrokilla" Smith (Spraying A Rainbow).

Note: with the exception of Hebru Brantley's "Flyboy" mural, Rich Alapack's "We All Live Here" and Matthew Hoffman's "You Are Beautiful", these aren't the actual names of the other murals.