East Lansing 2019...I

During a recent trip to Detroit, Michigan, I drove up to East Lansing for a quick photo walk.  My first stop was to visit late architect, Zaha Hadid's Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University. While visiting this architectural gem, there were a few art pieces outside the museum… Klara Kristalova's 'Deer' sculpture, Roxy Paine's 'Containment I' sculpture and Jonathan Prince's 'Vestigial Block' sculpture.  Also on the grounds was the Professor Levi R. Taft monument. I also photographed a couple MSU banners on to my next stop…Spartans Stadium, home of the Michigan State Spartans football team.

The parking lot at Spartans Stadium was pretty empty, which made is easy to drive around to photograph various angles of the stadium. I also stopped to photograph 'The Spartan' statue inside the Spartan Stadium annex at Michigan State. I later found out that this was Leonard D. Jungwirth's original ‘Spartan’ statue. On another side of the campus, 'The Spartan' statue stands as well.