Detroit Eastern Market 2019

'Murals in the Market' continues to enhance the Eastern Market experience and the district’s transformation into a 'must-see' destination for arts as well as food, in Detroit.  For the past six years, 1xRUN and the company’s fine art gallery, Inner State have curated and produced over 100 murals in Eastern Market alone, and over 200 murals throughout the city of Detroit. With the creation of these murals, each area has seen a significant visual impact on the surrounding neighborhood as well as increased traffic, additional economic development and increased safety.

In addition to creating new murals, 'Murals in the Market' also hosts many events during the festival including panel discussions, artists dinners, meet and greet opportunities, site-specific installations, block parties, night time events that coordinate with 'Eastern Market After Dark' and more! 'Murals in the Market' is more than an international mural festival, it’s a creative platform that inspires and encourages community engagement using public art as a vessel.

Detroit's Eastern Market has some of the most colorful and interesting murals I have ever seen, and I have photographed hundreds of murals. I had lots of fun driving around and walking through the various streets to photograph these murals. This was my first 'Murals In The Market' experience, so a lot of the murals were actually 2-3 years old already but you'd never know it because of the materials used to create the art. Some of my favorite murals were from Kashink, Patch Whisky and Ghost Beard, Sydney G. James, Kevin Lyons, Ouizi, James Bullough and Denial. But my favorite favorite comes from Chicago's own Hebru Brantley, whose 'Fly boys' mural has been on the Eastern Market wall since 2015. If you're ever in Detroit, make your way over to the Eastern Market.