Detroit 2019

Although the bulk of Detroit's murals are in the Eastern Market and surrounding areas, driving around the city I was able to find a few more. The first one that struck my eye was a mural that paid tribute to artist Leroy Foster inspired from his masterpiece 'The Life And Times Of Frederick Douglass' in the Martin Park District neighborhood. Later while downtown, I stopped at Music Hall to photograph Richard Wilson's 'Stevie Wonder' mural. Mr. Wilson was not commissioned by the city of Detroit to paint the mural. He actually paid for everything out of his own pocket. But as fate would have it, the city later commissioned him to paint another mural. That's why I always say, 'If you love what you do, the money will come'. Across the street from the Stevie mural, I shot the one at Gameday Detroit Sports Wear. Along Livernois Street, I spotted two more murals: Rensone's 'When A Jaywalker Falls In Love' and Asia Hamilton's 'Community Thrives Here' mural on the side of Eric's I've Been Framed Shop.

In the Brush Park Historic District, I photographed Adam Fu's 'Aretha' tribute mural, and Tony Whlgn's 'It’s All A Mystery Hidden His.Story I See Vividly' mural right next to it. Up the street was Ijania Cortez' 'Transference I: A Portrait Of Corey Teamer' mural. I also spotted another mural by Ijania of a 'woman's face' that was breathtaking. My last murals in that area were two murals by AM Scout of three females and a man with red smoke coming from his face. Before heading back downtown to my hotel, I captured Michelle Tanguay's 'Let's Create Something Beautiful' mural, as well as a "grand parents' mural by Pat Perry. Ending this day was capturing Kevin Lyons' cartoon mural, which featured the names of prominent Detroit singers and musicians.

While I am definitely partial to the hundreds of murals I have photographed around Chicago, Detroit does have a great collection of murals. I can't wait to get back there to comb the streets for more spectacular art!