Hubbard Street 2019...I

The Hubbard Street Murals on Hubbard Street between Ogden and DesPlaines in Chicago were originally painted during the 1970s. A few years ago, Union Pacific Railroad began repairing and replacing the aging concrete train embankment, unfortunately affecting the artwork in the process. The Hubbard Street Mural Poroject began seeking interested individuals and groups to restore some panels and bring new artwork to the refurbished embankment. With support from Union Pacific Railroad, the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and the Illinois Arts Council, the mural project lives on. The new murals maintain some of the original themes: wildlife, endangered species, ethnicity and Chicago history.

It's always a great time driving over to Hubbard Street, finding a parking spot and then walking along the 3-4 block radius of Hubbard Street photographing the many murals. Some of my favorites includes murals by Pipsqueak (Amsterdam), Stinkfish (Colombian), Charles Uter III (San Francisco), Afrokilla (Chicago), FQArt (Chicago), Sick Fisher (Chicago), TubsZilla (Chicago), (Sub)urban Warrior (Chicago), Max Sansing (Chicago), Jake Merten (Los Angeles), Muebon (Bangkok), SacSix (New York), Wizard Skull (New York), Amuse126 (Chicago), Cranio (São Paulo, Brazil), Alex Face (Thailand) , Birdcap (Memphis), Dirt Cobain (New  York), Senkoe  (Mexico),  Joseph Renda, Jr. (Chicago) and Sipros Naberezny (São Paulo, Brazil).