Logan Square 2019

The leafy streets of Logan Square are lined with bungalows and regal Greystone buildings. North Milwaukee Avenue is the main commercial strip and features cool restaurants, cocktail bars and craft beer taverns. There are also quirky coffee shops and delis, as well as art galleries and music venues. Established in 1915, the Logan Theatre shows movies and has a vintage bar.

Logan Square also has its share of colorful murals. And if you drive up Milwaukee Avenue, you will definitely see your share. While many of them are on the sides of buildings, you will find a vast majority of them in alleys. Some of the coolest murals in Logan Square are from Ali Six and My Dog Sighs. But in a very clean alley, I found four murals right next to each other of Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendryx, David Bowie and John Lennon…all done by Menace Two and Resa Piece. While driving to another location, I photographed a freshly done mural by Loyyal Dog of former First Lady Michelle Obama. A nice wall mural by Anthony Lewellen, (Sub)urban Warrior, James Mosher, Afrokilla and JC Rivera was very colorful. I shot them separately along with Jake Merten’s ‘Altitude’ mural next door.  Other murals I shot were from: Joseph Sentrock (Chicago Bears), Amuse126, Wizard Skull (Disney Characters), FQArt, Cobre Art(Quincy Jones), Muebon (Bird Eyes), Alex Face (Naked Baby), Jerkface and Owen Dippie (Robin Williams) and Kozmo (Burger Lady).