Cincinnati 2017

Downtown Cincinnati is a great place to shoot. And during my photo walk, I ran across some great murals; John A. Ruthven and Tim Parsley's 'Martha, The Last Passenger Pigeon' mural, Julian Stanczak's 'Additional' sculpture, which consists of 522 aluminum bars painted in meticulously planned color combinations, Tim Parsley's 'The Cobbler's Apprentice Plays Ball' mural, Tim Parsley's 'Mr. Tarbell Tips His Hat' mural, Ted Hedricks' 'What's Happening Downtown' mural, Charley Harper and Jenna Upstick's 'Homecoming (Blue Birds)' mural, Jonathan Queen's 'Cincinnati Toy Heritage' mural, Tim Parsley's two 'The Face Of The Arts' murals, Richard Haas' 'Cincinnatus' mural, Eduardo Kobra's colorful 'Armstrong' mural and John Lanzador's 'The Queen Shares' mural.