Washington 2013...III

The Washington, D.C. Temple is a building I saw on I-495 just off the Capitol Beltway going into Maryland. At the time, I didn't know what it was or exactly where it was. I just knew it was huge and that I could see it from the Interstate. I immediately added it to my "shoot" list, but forgot about it once I got into Washington. But on the way home, I saw it again. This time, I put the address in my phone's GPS system and followed the long, winding, tree-lined road until I got there. Now I have shot some massive and beautiful Churches, but this one was h-u-g-e. And I was looking at it from afar. The Church itself was closed, and the visitor's center didn't open for another hour. But the gate was open, which is all I needed. I parked, and quietly walked along the walkway until I saw the Church. I didn't know if I was really trespassing, but I took the chance. While walking, I couldn't help but notice the reflection of the Church in the small pond by the visitor's center. I walked a little closer to get better shots of the Church, but I still didn't get as close as I wanted to. However, I did manage to come away with great shots. And on the way out before getting back on the Interstate, I shot my last cherry blossom tree!