Hangin' With Chaka Khan

10-time Grammy award winner Chaka Khan returned home for a special street naming ceremony and 60th birthday celebration. The start of day 1 saw us going to Rainbow PUSH to meet with Chaka's dear friend, Rev. Jesse Jackson. After a brief meeting in his office, Rev. Jackson showed Chaka some of the classic photos that line the walls as we headed to a press conference in which Chaka briefly spoke. After speeches in the main auditorium from Rev. Jackson, Jonathan Jackson and others, Chaka was presented a special award from the Rev., which took her by surprise! After accepting her award, Chaka spoke about the rampant and senseless violence plaguing her hometown. She then joined singer Darius Brooks in singing Rev. Jackson's theme song, "Takin' It To The Streets". Before leaving to go to the street naming ceremony, Chaka was interviewed by Robin Robinson of Fox News. We then head to the corner of 51st and Blackstone, which is about 4 blocks from President Obama's house. Hundreds of fans in the street, in front of the stage area outside Kenwood High School were waiting for Chaka's car to arrive. The event was attended by politicians, friends and family as well as neighborhood onlookers. After receiving her own souvenir street sign, Chaka took the stage to "Thank" everyone for coming out. With her music already blaring over the speakers, she joined in singing "Sweet Thang"...much to the delight of the crowd! The corner of 51st and Blackstone has now become "Chaka Khan Way". We tried to get photos under the street sign, but the crowd was way outta control at this time. We then head to the next stop, which was the Little Black Pearl Workshop where Chaka met with more Chicago press. Her mother Sandra Coleman, happily posed for photos with her famous daughter. The last stop was the DuSable Museum of African American History, where a reception in her honor was awaiting. After being presented gifts from the Museum, Chaka posed with a birthday cake made of her named street sign. Since we were unable to get photos of Chaka under her street sign, we went back to do that. Of course, we had to hurry before another huge crowd formed. Several car horns blew as people recognized Chaka, as she made the best of our mini photo shoot ending the day. Day 2...free concert in Millennium Park!