New York 2012

New York, New York...a city so great they had to name it twice! New York is a very interesting place...often called the "melting pot" of the world. New York is very picturesque and definitely the city that never sleeps.  There's always something going on in New York City. And I will say it again...this is my favorite city in the world! During this trip to New York, I started out late at the Brooklyn Promenade to photograph part of the New York skyline that was visible. The next morning, my first stop was walking up the street towards the Empire State Building. Other stops included: The Gershwin Hotel and architect Frank Gehry's newly constructed Beekman Tower. I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to capture other city views from the bridge. I worked my way over to City Hall, which was undergoing renovations. I started my next walking tour towards the new World Trade Center to check on the construction and capture photos. I later found two very interesting sculptures that I had to shoot; Isamu Noguchi's "Red Cube" and Mark di Suvero's "Joie ve Vivre(Joy of Life)". Still heading towards the World Trade Center, I walk through Battery Park, where I photograph the Jersey City skyline. I finally get to the World Trade Center, and stay in that area for quite some time. The evening comes to a close with a nice sunset over the Hudson River.

The next day finds me at the landmarked Holy Cross Church. Walking further, I see a very unique parking lot that has cars in racks stacked on top of each other. This was a unique parking situation indeed...a real cool capture. Next, I make my way through Broadway, and check out the many theater signs in lights. They were very interesting to shoot, because they were bright and very colorful. While walking up Broadway, I look up and see the Waterford Crystal Ball that comes down on New Years Eve. I walk past the Hard Rock Cafe, B.B. King's Club, Rescue Company 1 and the MetLife Building. Later, I work my way back to the car and hit the Lincoln Tunnel...heading back to my hotel in Jersey City, New Jersey.