Milwaukee 2012...I

Milwaukee, Wisconsin truly has awesome beauty to it, and is a great city to photograph. I spent a lot of time here in the early part of my career shooting concerts, but never got the chance to explore it the way I should have. Exploring Milwaukee started at the Sixth Street Bridge. I then drove into downtown for my walking tour. I found a parking spot near the Henry S. Reuss Federal Plaza. I photographed this massive building, as well as Helaine Blumenfeld's "Family" sculpture. Down the street, I saw Vito Acconci's "Walkways Through The Walls" sculpture, which also serves as a seat waiting for the bus. This was a pretty cool sculpture that sits outside the Frontier Airlines Center. Later that night, I caught the Milwaukee Public Central Library nicely lit, and waiting for my camera. The next day, I went back to the Library and photographed the ceiling dome. Down the street from there was the Calvary Presbyterian Church, also known as "Red Church". In front of "Red Church" at night was John S. Conway's "The Victorious Charge" Civil War Statue, which sits at the Court of Honor on West Wisconsin Avenue.

Order was in the court as I made my way over to the Milwaukee County Courthouse. There, I photographed Edward Lewandowski's Polonia Fountain and "Spirit Of Polonia" statue. The Milwaukee Theatre was my next stop, while working my way over to the Historical Society and Museum, where I saw my first bank vault up close and personal. I next walk over to the Riverwalk, and grab photos of scenery along the water. Gerald P. Sawyer's "Fonz" statue sits on the Riverwalk on East Wells Street. At 618 N. Water Street, I marveled at seeing The Lady Bug building. I had never seen a building like this before, and it was cool to photograph. I bounce around a bit and head over to the Lakefront to photograph Santiago Calatrava's Milwaukee Art Museum. If you only go to Milwaukee for one thing, make sure it's the Milwaukee Art Museum. I wind down my evening with a visit to the Tripoli Shrine Center. But I could not leave Milwaukee without going to The Edmund B. Gustorf House...better known as "the boat house". I was truly fascinated by this house. The next morning before heading back home, I stop at Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team.