Panoramic Images

When I first started shooting panoramas during the Fall of 2013, I wasn't getting good results and I got a bit disappointed and felt discouraged. But like I tell other photographers who I mentor, "There's no crying in photography. Practice makes perfect"! So that's what I did. Practice! Practice! Practice! And not only do I get the results I want, I'm loving it even more! Panoramic photography helps take things to another level for a photographer who really loves what he or she does!

The majority of my panoramas were taken in Chicago at Millennium Park, Navy Pier, Brookfield Zoo, North Avenue Beach, Soldier Field and Wrigley Field.

My most recent panoramas are: Nashville, Tennessee skyline, Confederate Monument in Atlanta, New Atlanta Stadium construction, Louisville, Kentucky skyline, the Stone Arch Bridge with St. Anthony Falls, the Minneapolis Skyline from the Stone Arch Bridge, the Minneapolis Skyline with the Mississippi River and locks, the George Washington Monument photographed from the famous Tidal Basin; the Baltimore, Maryland skyline photographed from atop Federal Hill; the United States Coast Guard Cutter, which is the last survivor of Pearl Harbor...photographed at the Baltimore Inner Harbor; a semi-frozen Niagara Falls photographed from the Canada side; the Detroit skyline photographed from Windsor, Canada; an Audi display at the Chicago Auto Show; Ai Weiwei's "Circle of Animals: Zodiac Heads" sculptures; a Chicago winter skyline; Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby in Louisville; the Central Library in downtown Milwaukee; stained glass windows in a domed office at the Grohmann Museum in Milwaukee; the Milwaukee Lakefront; the Jackie Robinson U.S. Little League World Series Championship Rally in Chicago; and more from the Milwaukee lakefront. I always try to capture panoramas when I travel. In Detroit, I shot the Ambassador Bridge; the Windsor, Canada skyline from the Detroit Riverwalk and the Detroit skyline from Belle Isle State Park. At the Blues Festival in Chicago, I shot a nice panorama of the crowd watching the performance. In Louisville, I shot the KFC YUM! Center; the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts and the Ohio River from the Pedestrian Bridge. But my best Louisville panorama was shooting the skyline with thunder clouds in the background. In Columbus, Ohio I shot another thunderous cloud panorama. At the Chicago Auto Show, I took several panoramas of the auto displays and I feel great about those! In Atlanta, I shot the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center; the reflecting pool and tombs of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King...along with day and night photos of the Atlanta skyline. Shooting the Nashville, Tennessee panorama was very interesting. On the left side you see downtown Nashville, in the middle is the Cumberland River and on the right is LP Field, home of the Tennessee Titans football team. In Milwaukee, the Riverwalk made for nice panoramas in the Winter time where I got photos of huge ice chunks in the river. But my favorite Winter time panoramas are from the steam rising off Lake Michigan during the 9 degree below zero Polar Vortex that crippled Chicago for a few days. I will only continue to get better at shooting panoramas because not only is it fun, but THIS is what I do!