Detroit 2014

In 2012 I visited Detroit and had a wonderful time photographing various landmark buildings and historical structures. Well...2014 saw me back on I-90/I-94 headed back to the "Motor City". Once I approached the Gateway Arch Bridges in Taylor, Michigan, I knew I was getting close. But once I saw the giant Uniroyal tire in Allen Park, I definitely knew I was almost in Detroiiiit! Once in the "D", some of my first stops were the Detroit Unity Temple, the Unity Institute for Holistic Living and the Merrill Humane Fountain in Palmer Park, which has been inactive for over 50 years! While photographing the outside construction going on at Pastor Marvin Winans' new Perfecting Church, Criss Resources President and CEO Roy Criss invited me in for an exclusive tour to see the progress. That was a surprise for sure! I also visited American Jewelers and Loan on Greenfield Road. If it looks familiar that's because it's seen on the hit tv show "Hardcore Pawn". Long overdue was my trip to Belle Isle(before they start charging people to visit). While there, I shot the Belle Isle Casino, the James Scott Memorial Fountain and a huge statue of James Scott for which the fountain is named. I mean, he's just sitting back(well, not really) looking at the wonderful fountain that bears his name. It's kind of similar to Chicago's Buckingham Fountain, but not as grand! I was also able to get great images of the Detroit skyline from Belle Isle State Park along the Detroit River. Next stop was downtown where I shot the Greektown Casino and Hotel before going inside for a date with the "one armed bandit". After that, I saw a very art-deco looking Buffalo Wild Wings, the Water Board Building and the huge and empty Wayne County Building with stunning sculptures on top. Also on the front of the Wayne County Building is a plaque of General Anthony Wayne, for whom the County is named after. The Reid(flatiron) Building is one of Detroit's oldest buildings that is starting to see a new light of day.

Day 2 brought me to the Renaissance Center, home of General Motors and the Marriott Hotel. Walking along Jefferson Avenue downtown, I captured other buildings and sculptures that I didn't get before. One in particular was Giacomo Manzu's "Passo di Danza(Dance Step)" sculpture which sits outside the One Woodward Avenue Building. I also witnessed a rally going on in Hart Plaza where people were demonstrating and voicing their opinions on the Detroit water "shut-offs" that's running rampant in the city. The Detroit Police and Action News7 were also on hand to make sure things were peaceful. The Detroit Princess Riverboat was sitting docked waiting for the evening crowd to make their way on board for some evening fun! The UAW-Ford National Programs Center has a huge eagle sculpture on the front of the building that looks awesome! As day 2 comes to a close, I drive alongside a huge, vacant, but open field of sorts. I was told that this was the old Detroit Tigers Stadium. And being the true sports fan that I am, I had to park the car to see. As I walk through the original iron gates of the old Tigers Stadium, I'm awestruck even more as the original baseball diamond complete with home plate is still there. And to top it all off, the original "foul" pole is standing there as well. I had to sit on an empty bench and take this all in. If you're not a true sports fan, you wouldn't understand! While driving up to the massive, but vacant Michigan Central Station, one can only wonder why this building is empty? But looking up at the placement of new windows, you never know what the future holds for this huge structure. My next stop brought me to the Ambassador Bridge...a major bridge between Detroit, Michigan and Windsor Ontario, Canada. This time I got much closer that I did before(and that was because I did a little trespassing). Shhh, don't tell anyone! But hey, I got the "shot" I came to get! And that's most important. On Cass Avenue back downtown, the Rosa Parks Transit Center is a wonderful architectural gem that I had fun shooting. My last stop of the day was Joe Louis Arena, home of the Detroit Red Wings hockey team. This arena will soon be torn down, and the Red Wings will have a new stadium further downtown.