Milwaukee 2014...II

My trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin found me on the Lakefront photographing the skyline and visiting McKinley Marina. There, I saw Jon Barlow Hutson's sculpture called "Sentinels". The sculpture was made out of Wisconsin red granite. It consists of three monoliths with the tallest one being 15 feet high. Each monolith features its own unique carved design. Hudson drew his inspiration for this sculpture from ts'ung tubes, which are Chinese jade ritual objects. Walking along the lagoon made for nice scenic images of the skyline through the trees. Next stop was Veterans Park. At Veterans Park I got to photograph the Vietnam War Memorial and the General Douglas MacArthur statue, which was moved there from a previous location. I went further along the lakefront, stopping at Discovery World and Santiago Calatrava's spectacular Art Museum. I can never get enough of that building! I also photographed the vintage Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company Building. Further east towards the lakefront, construction has begun on the new $450 million dollar, 32-story Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons. The new building will add much needed height and beauty to the Milwaukee skyline. After driving up to Green Bay, I came back to photograph the skyline at night.