Blue Man Group

The Blue Man Group held a special Autism-Friendly performance at the Briar Street Theatre in Chicago. Blue Man Group and Autism Speaks announced a dynamic partnership that provided individuals with autism a slightly modified version of the performance of the critically hailed Blue Man Group. With the performance, minor changes were made including the reduction of sound levels at select moments. Headphones were also made available upon request. In addition, the Blue Man Group also created a calming environment in the lobby with bean bags, dim lights and quiet corners for anyone seeking a sensory break from the high-energy fun of the show! The performance was definitely high in energy with lots of crowd participation, with the Blue Man Group often going out into the crowd to mingle with the kids. They even invited a young lady on stage for a funny skit involving hostess twinkies(You had to see it). One thing about the Blue Man Group, they are masters of fusing innovative theatrical spectacle and powerful original music along with hilarious comedy to create an experience unlike any other. The characters might be silent in voice, but their theatrical production is a must see!