Windsor 2015

Before heading to Niagara Falls, I went to the Windsor Ontario Riverfront. I didn't spend much time in Windsor since the drive to Niagara Falls was about six hours. But I wanted to get photos of the Detroit skyline and the frozen Detroit River. I stayed long enough to get a few photos downtown before heading to The Falls. I also got photos of the Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino since I was shooting from their parking lot in front of the Riverfront. The weather was a chilly 30 degrees, but living in Chicago this was like Spring to me. I then found myself driving towards the Ambassador Bridge, which links the United States and Canada. I pulled over and got a few photos from the Odette Sculpture Park. Beautiful sculptures, but they were covered in snow and ice and you couldn't see the true detail. Later, after my Niagara Falls visit, I returned to the Riverfront to get night photos of the Detroit Skyline as well.