Detroit Zoo 2015

My visit to the Detroit Zoo was interesting and almost a waste of time for me. The weather was a bit chilly, making animal viewing virtually impossible. As I walked around, I figured because it was pretty cold out, most of the animals would be indoors except for the ones who are used to the cold and snow. The animals I did see were: North American River Otters, Cinereous Vultures, Bactrian Camel, Przewalski's Horse, Amur Tiger, Red Panda, Snow Monkey, Grizzly Bears and Male African Lion. The two highlights of the visit was seeing two grizzly bears going at it for a good half-hour or so. We don't know if they were fighting or wrestling, but they really put on a good show. Then at the end of the visit over at the "lion's den", a male African lion was constantly jumping up on the protective glass "pawing" at three young girls who were frantically waving at him as he paced back and forth. As the girls waved, the lion would jump on the glass as if to say "Hey, let's play"! This went on for about five minutes...maybe longer. But you had to be there to see the interaction between the little girls and the lion. It was indeed a special moment for all of us watching and taking photos, because after the girls left the lion walked away from the window and sat beside the female lion.