"The Experience with Tamia" was recently held at the DuSable Museum in Chicago. Host Dedry Jones interviewed Tamia as she talked about her early career doing musicals while growing up in Ontario, Canada. She also mentioned that since she was right across the river from Detroit, the Motown Sound was a great influence on her as well. Dedry played some of Tamia's earlier music, as the crowd applauded and sang along. Tamia even sang along on a couple of songs, but the big applause came when she sang a portion of "Stranger In My House" to explain a little bit of the meaning. After the interview, Tamia took to the stage to perform "Officially Missing You", "Still", "Stuck With Me", "Sandwich And A Soda" and "Day One", which was a song she wrote specifically for her husband, former NBA basketball star Grant Hill. And unbeknownst to me, Grant was in Tamia's dressing room while she was on stage, which caused me to miss that special photo opp of the two of them together. Man, I'm slippin' big time! After a brief "cool down", Tamia met her fans in the lobby where she chatted with them and signed copies of her new cd, LOVE LIFE.