Detroit 2012

Detroit(nicknamed "The Motor City"), has had its hardships since the decline of the U.S. auto industry.  But lately things seemed to be looking up for Detroit as the auto industry is on the rise, which means more money for redevelopment for the city.  As I traveled around Detroit, I found the standard abandoned and burned out buildings that I see everywhere else I travel.  But I also saw bright spots in Detroit like the famous Fox Theatre, Comerica Park(home of the Detroit Tigers baseball team), Ford Field(home of the Detroit Lions football team), the Detroit Masonic Temple(largest in the world), General Motors Renaissance Center and Winter Garden Atrium, the Charles C. Trowbridge House(oldest building in Detroit), Hitsville/Motown Museum and the Charles Wright Museum of African-American Studies. I also walked along the GM International Riverwalk, where I looked across the water and saw the bright lights of Caesar's Casino in Windsor, Canada.(Yes, Canada!)