Nashville 2015...I

While on the road heading to Atlanta, I couldn't resist getting off the downtown exit to capture photos of the Nashville skyline at night. I made my way into busy downtown Nashville looking for a very scarce parking spot. After driving around for about a half hour, I finally found one. As I make my way over to Shelby Street, I noticed that the main lights on the bridge just went off. That meant that I had to put a pep in my step if I wanted lights at all. So here I am, on the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge at about 10:30 at night doing what I love to do! It was a warm, yet muggy Nashville Summer night. People were out walking along the bridge taking photos themselves or just chillin' out enjoying the nice weather. I see behind me that workers are working on the lights on the Korean Memorial Bridge across the way, so I start to photograph that one first. I see that the bottom orange lights are on, but the main arch lights are only lit half-way. I figure I'd better start shooting before they go completely off. The arch never completely lights up fully, which means that I have to come back to complete that photo mission. I work my way over to the other side to begin photographing the skyline. To my right is the newly named Nissan Stadium(formerly LP Field), home of the Tennessee Titans football team. After taking photos of the skyline and the bridge itself, it was time to head back to the car and get back on the road. Three days later, while heading back home to Chicago, I stopped in Nashville once again. Since I'm familiar with the city now, I headed back over to the Shelby Street Bridge to photograph the skyline and other downtown buildings. I just love this place they call "Music City"!