Milwaukee 2014...I

On a cold Winter morning, I drove to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to photograph Winter scenes outside of Chicago. I chose Milwaukee for Winter shooting because it's just a short drive away, and I photograph there a lot during the Spring and Summer, so I knew exactly where I wanted to go. Once I arrived, I started out by driving into the Historic Third Ward on North Water Street. While walking, I saw a man ice fishing on the Riverwalk, and decided to walk over and chat with him for a few minutes. But as time passed, I began to get cold by standing still. So I began to walk along the Riverwalk to warm up a bit and start shooting. Seeing the huge chunks of ice in the river is always a favorite type of photo for photographers, especially me! As I look further up the river, some parts of the water are frozen solid, and other parts have the nice, chunky ice. From there, I drive back through the Historic Third Ward heading towards the Lakefront where it's probably even colder. I find a parking spot in front of the Milwaukee War Memorial building, where it's normally a "no parking" zone, but it seems like I'm the only one by the Lakefront so I'm cool here. I photograph the Art Museum, which is to my right. You can barely see the white building, as it almost disappears in the white clouds and fog. I also notice a statue of Abraham Lincoln nearby, and photograph that as well. I then head over to the Milwaukee Harbor to photograph the Pierhead Lighthouse. I walk further along the Harbor towards the Hoan Bridge.